Joy is a child being given good news, the happiness erupting full bodied.

Joy is a mother, holding her child for the first time in her arms.

Joy is standing beside your sister, heart full, watching her accomplish something she has poured herself into.

Joy is folding laundry, knowing these clothes keep the ones I love warm, dry, covered.

Joy is the quiet easiness between old friends, treasuring precious time.

Joy is the humor seen in the chaos and absurdity of life.

Joy is sharing simple food, the warmth of love filling our hearts as the food warms our bellies.

Joy is teaching a child who finally “gets” it after struggling so long.

Joy is watching children laugh and play together.

Joy is showing up, serving and quietly doing what’s needed simply for love.

Joy is watching your brother grow and mature, being shaped into the man God is calling him to be.

Joy is being poured out only to be filled.

Joy is the solid belief that this life is not all there is.

Joy is knowing you are safe in God’s hands.

Joy is knowing I am safe there too.

Joy is knowing there are not “forever goodbyes” with God – there will someday be reunion.

Joy is having my debt of sin erased, wiped clean and poured over with grace.

Joy is knowing Christ.

Where is joy?

Joy can be found.

Joy can be chosen.

Joy can be given.

In the darkest valleys,

In the deepest hurt,

In the hardest days.

Like light and shadow juxtaposed,

Joy is tracing God’s hand, marveling at how he works and moves, in the midst of the good and in the midst of the hard

All for the sake of His love.

Thank you, Father, for your gifts of joy.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. ~ Romans 12:12

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Image with inserted scripture from realworkhard at pixabay

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