Books By Stan Mitchell

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No Man Ever Spoke as This Man Speaks (Paperback)

“The Gospel of John was intended to be the spiritual antidote for plummeting faith. If you have ever felt your faith shaken or weakened, the Gospel of John might just be for you. It might be the spiritual medication for a lack of faith; that was, John insists, his design in writing it.” So writes Stan Mitchell about the subject of this book, the Gospel of John. This is a book for Christians of any spiritual age; in its pages you will find deep, thoughtful Biblical study and insight, as well as practical application and inspiration for your own walk with God. Please click below to order via paypal OR You may also purchase this book (or the ebook) on amazon here:


Will Our Faith Have Children?

This book is about spiritually preparing the next generation, the one after that, and the one that follows. It is really about Stan’s grandson, Gideon Mitchell Watts. One day Gideon will find his name in a book written by his grandfather. But Stan wants more than any earthly treasures for Gideon’s name to be found written in another book, “the book of life” (Rev. 20:12). There are young people today sharpening their skill sets in view of building something eternal, knowing it takes skill to build. Stan shows how we all can have a part in developing leadership in the church for the next generation.


Equipping the Saints for the Ministry

Practically every profession requires equipment. Doctors require both training and instruments, soldiers need weapons, plumbers need tools. The same is true of our personal lives. Paul recognized this when he described his role as “equipping the saints” (Ephesians 4:11-16). Christian leadership does not happen by accident. It must be fostered, developed, molded. Christians need the tools with which to live their lives; churches need their tools to do the job of reaching the world for Christ. This book covers topics such as stewardship, commitment, developing leadership, and other needed topics for those who desire to build and equip the church.


Reality Check (ebook only)

A compilation of bulletin articles and blog posts from Stan’s column on You can purchase this here.

The Wise Get Wiser, and the Foolish More Foolish

This book is a study of the Book of Proverbs, written by Stan Mitchell.  Brother Mitchell explains: “Proverbs 1:1-6 forms a preface to the book.  It begins with a remarkable explanation of the book’s purpose, namely, to provide the young and naïve with the wisdom necessary to face life’s complex choices and dangers.  It ends with a motto that could be applied to the remainder of the book: ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.'”

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Give the Winds a Mighty Voice

Give the Winds a Mighty Voice is an adventure in the subject of singing and its history.  Stan takes us on a tour of music — music among the Israelites, music among Christians of the first century, music through the psalms, early writers, prolific writers, writers who were members of the Lord’s church and those who were not but whose songs and hymns have reverberated through the ages. Both individuals and congregations can profit by studying the lessons, along with practice sessions to learn new songs suggested in the book and to improve the quality of our singing.

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