Grant Me a Quiet Heart

Grant me a quiet heart, unfettered by the worries of the world.
Help me to remember that I have never been sovereign.
That yours are the hands that hold our weak selves,
We are safe and protected here and now
In your wise and powerful hands.
Help me remember that the truest things, the most important things are yet to come.

Grant me a gracious heart,
Help me to be hard on myself and understanding of others
Help me to see others as souls with hearts and feelings and fears.
Help me to reach out to the lost and the hurting.
Let me remember that I, too, sin and fall
And that we all stand in desperate need of a gracious, grace filled God.

Grant me a wise heart,
Help me to choose my days and actions based not on my own agenda or the expectations of others but on seeking Your work and Your kingdom.
Help me not to be influenced by worry or fear, by facebook or media, but instead find what is good and pure – but most of all Godly.
Help me, not just to find that true wisdom but also to live by it and speak of it often.

Grant me an unrushed heart
Help me accept with open hands the present moment,
Help me to see the beauty and the joy in each child’s smile, in each little giggle, in each next breath.
Help me not to take for granted the gift of life that you have given me.
Each morning, I find new mercies, new strength, new hope.

And thank you Abba.
Thank you for the physical blessings I have – enough food, indoor plumbing, warm clothes, a house that shelters me, books and toys and puzzles for my children, health, and more.
Thank you for my family – for my children and my husband, but also for the blood and blood bought family that rallies alongside us.
Thank you most of all for the gifts that cannot be seen – for love and grace, for mercy and forgiveness, for your patience and protection and salvation that can be found only in your presence.

Help me always to seek your presence – when I am uncertain but also when I am filled with joy.

Thank you for granting hope.
Home someday soon.

I love you, Father

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

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