Sweet Gwen

Sweet Gwen,

Today is your second birthday. We might have done something more adventurous or gone somewhere new a few weeks ago, but we live in uncertain, strange times. Today, we are on the brink of something I suspect will change your future in many ways.

And yet, that has always been the case. The world, society, culture, and customs are all uncertain. They will all change – probably multiple times – throughout your lifetime. That is the nature of humanity and earthly kingdoms. I have observed it even in my own short life span.

But my sweet Gwen, you need not fear. We belong to a better kingdom – a heavenly one. It is beautiful. We will go there some day, to that place filled with light and love, glory and beauty, and most of all with the awesomeness of God Himself. And though we’re not there yet, we belong to it.

This kingdom is unshakable. Though Satan may deceive, though war and disease, hatred and hardship may rail against us, we are sheltered safe beneath God’s wings. He is just as much in control today, as he was two days ago, two months ago and two centuries ago.

This doesn’t mean you will not face hardship (In fact, I know you will.)

This doesn’t mean you will not feel lonely or sad or angry (Again, you will).

This doesn’t mean that you will not face temptation (You will).

This means that despite the storm’s raging, you can cling to an invisible anchor. You have a safe harbor. And even if everything on this earth be taken from you, the most important things, the most eternal things can never, never be taken away because they are held close by God Himself.

Rom 8 37-39

Happy birthday, dear one. I pray you will always put your trust in God and His love.

I love you, now and always,

Your mom


Photo Credit (with insert scripture): Sacha Styles via spark

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