The First Lord’s Supper

“Nack? Nack?”

Her little voice is clear and sweet as she watches the trays pass over her head. She wants so desperately to be big but also, she just really loves her snacks.

It is during communion, as I try, albeit sometimes unsuccessfully, to talk to two children and focus our minds – on the Cross, on Jesus, on His sacrifice. And, of course, keep small “snacking” hands from grabbing a bite from the delicious looking crackers and juice that pass by.

And so, I return to my little book.

I wrote it around this time last year for my son. He still loves reading it (and at this point he has it memorized). In fact, we all love reading it. But because it is familiar and worn, it does not hold their attention as well as it used to.

So here is another Lord’s Supper book, this time written for little Gwen. May it hopefully turn both big people and little people’s minds to Jesus to help us remember.

Click here for your copy of The First Lord’s Supper Booklet.

Don’t have the first book? Click here for my post from last year.

Note: I have a wonderful husband who blesses me in many ways, one of which is to help me edit, format, and otherwise help untangle my thoughts in making books for our kiddos. I love him!

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