How to Add More Understanding to Your Toddler’s Worship

My son is 3 and has an almost insatiable curiosity. It is a beautiful thing, but it also requires me to have quick reflexes and thoughtful answers (ideally…)

The other day, as we were sitting in church, he sat beside me and watched as only a toddler can. He pointed out each of the men we knew that were standing at the front. It was time for communion. He folded his little hands and innocently, sweetly prayed with us and watched intently as the trays were passed around. He watched as each person around us broke off a piece and ate it. And then (quite logically in his mind) he asked “Cookie?” and pointed to it as it continued its path down our pew. You see from his perspective, he was missing out on this special snack!

So I sat with him held close and whispered in his ear, telling him of what communion is, of who it reminds us of and of how much Jesus loves us. His favorite part was the end where we talked about who Jesus loved:

And mama? Yes, Jesus loves mama

And dada? Yes, Jesus loves daddy.

And BobBob? Yes, Jesus loves BobBob.

And so, we kept going with all the people he knew.

Next Sunday, I hope to have this little book to help us as we think about Jesus. Maybe it can help you on your journey too.

Click Here to Download My Lord’s Supper Book

Just a note: I have a really amazing, thoughtful and patient husband who helped me put this booklet together. He listened to me, helped find cute clipart, and edited it so that it looks the way it does. I am incredibly blessed, not just by his talent but by his love for me and our kids.


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