In the Soft Light of Dawn

In the soft light of dawn,
He comes to meet me,
Arms stretched forth
He wraps his love around my heart.
I talk slowly at first,
My words halting and morning tired.
Yesterday was filled with so many mistakes and sin.
And yet he still greets me this morning with new mercy.
He already knows the ways my heart is tired,
My body too.
He already knows the cares and worries,
Yet he still listens.

Finally I stop,
Still before You,
I hear the birds you made singing their joyful warbles
To greet the day
That the Lord has given them.
Let me do the same!

Let me rest here in your presence,
One more quiet moment.
Teach me a heart of wisdom,
That can find this stillness of heart
Not just in the quiet,
But in the midst of life’s storms,
A heart that steps forth confidently,
Into the darkness as well as the light of life,
Holding tight to your hand.

Lead me forth in joy, Lord,
Until you lead me home.

Photo by Oliver Hihn on Unsplash

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