Little One

I have no time to waste, little one.
Each moment is a jewel.
The dishes, the books, the achievements
Suddenly seem less dear.

There’s nothing quite so important
I suddenly realize now
As spending time pouring love
Into the souls that God has made mine.

I am not an owner
but a steward given precious wealth.
Two small souls are trusting me
To look beyond myself.
To see beyond what the world calls “rich”
To see past false expectations.
To let go of what is holding me back
And to walk forth in spiritual intention.

Yes, letters are good and numbers are fine,
And science and cooking too,
But the most incredible life changing fact
Is that the God who made you is true.

When I am gone
When you feel alone
When it seems all has gone wrong,
Then, my dear, is when you will see
That Jesus was there all along.

He was there when you were formed
In the darkness inside me,
He was there when you came bursting forth
Crying with life and with joy and with pain.
He is there beside you,
Watching you play, lost in castles and bugs
He is there with you in the blackness of night
Because He never will sleep.
He is with us right now in our work, in our play.
He will be right beside you, throughout each day.
Through seasons, through change,
Though people may go,
He never will leave you,
And so you must know….

I may not be best at thinking or cooking
Or loving or playing or running,
But I give you the best gift I’ve ever been given,
The love of the Lord Himself.
He will love you more fiercely,
More deeply, more truly
Than anyone you’ll ever know
And when I am gone,
You can see me again
Because He loves both of us so.
So, whether you’re lonely or sad or you’re scared,
My sweet babe, just remember this,
His arms will wrap tight around both of us,
And you can always choose to be His.

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