What Happens When I Go to Bible Class

I have a little friend in my preschool Bible class who has autism. Though I taught in public schools for a few years, children with special needs is not my area of expertise. So, I asked a good friend and mentor of mine for advice in helping him (and in helping me too!). One of her suggestions was to write a social story for him about what he could expect in Bible class: what happens, what he would do, and especially that Mommy and Daddy come back every time.

I realized in the making of it, that this is what we all do with our children (and indeed ourselves).

Here is a new situation. You can expect to do these things. Here are some rules you will have to follow. Here are some fun things you will get to do. And here is how it will end.

Along with this realization I thought that it might be helpful to any little one (especially those who are visual learners). So, I made a second copy, a little more generalized, that perhaps you could use – if you teach a preschool or toddler class, if you have a preschool or toddler, or even just if you know a little person.

Click here for your copy of What Happens When I Go to Bible Class?

(Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash)

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