Unto the Hills

Ps 121_1-2

I love to gaze at the mountains.
The Bvumba Mountains in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe,
The towering Rockies throughout the US and Canada,
The Appalachians in the East.

I love to sit before them,
In early morning,
The chill in the air,
And drink in the stillness and beauty.

I am humbled by their stateliness and grace,
Their silent strength.
They seem immovable.
Like their Maker,
They are massively powerful,
And not always speaking as I want Him to.
And like Him,
They, too, can be hard to see from a distance,
Or even through rain and storms and nighttime.

There is breathtaking beauty gazing at the mountains.
They heal me in their solitude and silence.

A reminder that though there may be chaos, grief, and darkness in the valley,
I can lift up my eyes,
To the mountains,
To the hills,
To the sky,

To God.

And my help is there.

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