Dedicated to the one I love

They say little boys need their daddies. That is so very true.
But did you know that little girls need their daddies too?
Not just as a donor of DNA
But to see each year through.
Children need someone to be here.
To stick out the tough times.
Tantrums and defiance,
The pushing of boundary lines.

To teach in the small moments,
To pick up the sleeping child.
To give the strength that men can
And also to provide.
Provide love and trust,
Leadership and patience,
Love shown in tenderness
But also through tough obedience.

Some men are not real daddies;
Others take up their slack.
Still other children are left bereft;
They keenly feel this lack.
I realize daddies are human,
And they will make mistakes.
But the brave ones and the good ones
Are the ones who still stay.

Little boys need their daddies
Little girls need daddies too.
Their relationship with their earthly dads
Can be the start of truth.
If sown with hope and prayer and trust,
Good daddies point the way.
They show that though they’re not enough,
God is the only way.

Even good parents cannot be everything;
That is left for God alone.
But one thing that they can try to do
Is to show an eternal home.

I have watched you as you grow
Into fatherhood each day.
Sometimes you are confident.
Sometimes you’re not sure of the way.

There are two things I’m sure of
When I look at you, I know.
I see your love for me and our two
And I see that your love grows.
Not because you’re perfect
But because of your faith in God.
How can I be so sure?
I’ve had my own good dad.
Though not alike in temperament
You have the same Spirit,
And I see the same shaping there
And I am grateful for it.



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