Trust in the Lord


Prov 3 56 (1)

Some day, you may have a friend who is in anguish. Someone who is in the midst of hard trials, adrift with loss, or beset by grief. Some day, you may be in that situation yourself.

These are verses to cling to. To meditate on. To memorize.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

As opposed to what? The term half heartedly comes to mind. Trusting doesn’t work when you do so halfheartedly. You will be torn and without a stable foundation. With all your heart implies that you put all of yourself (your emotions, your mind, your efforts) into it. You pour your heart into that trust.

And do not lean on your own understanding

There are some things in life that are too big for the human heart to handle. There are some things that are unexplainable, at least to our own finite knowledge and capabilities. If I look through the lens of my own understanding, I can only see a fraction of the picture. God sees it all: the scope of time, the breadth of heaven and earth, the inner hearts of all people everywhere. His understanding is infinite and deep and long. When I lean on His understanding – when I trust in Him – I can realize that I may not understand now. But that He is still trustworthy.

In all your ways acknowledge him

All. All my ways? We are so often tempted to rationalize. To make exceptions for ourselves. We use that tiny but willful word: “But…”

In all my ways, I must acknowledge God. That means even when my heart is broken. Even when I am tired. Even when I am in poor health. Even when I have a bad day (or a bad night) or a whole month or year or decade of them. Even when I lose my job. Even when I can’t have a baby. Even when I pray for something I want desperately and don’t receive it.

In all my ways.

And he will make straight your paths.

First, this implies that my paths are at best convoluted – at worst tangled, confused and in dire need of repair.

Second, it is a promise. A promise not just of granting order. It is a promise of guidance. And of the presence of God.

God does not promise to grant an explanation for everything in my life. But He does urge me to trust in Him.

And dear friend, He is utterly, wonderfully worthy of that trust.


  1. My heart has been thinking of you today. Knowing you are such a strong, beautiful child of God but still longing for your Daddy’s arms. Thank you for putting your heart aches into words so others can be strengthened by you. Love and hugs, Auntie Char


  2. Thank You Tracy for encouraging others as you lean on God during your grief. I am pleased to see this part of your Dad carried on in your gift of putting your thoughts/heart into words so others can grow with you on your spiritual journey.
    I am getting to know you, your Dad and Mom through your writings, but most of all our Heavenly Father. Go with God my Sister 🙏❤️ love, Jeanette Raine


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