31 Lists to Help Your Spiritual Focus

I love lists. There is beauty and clarity in the order. I love the crispness of the post it notes, the color of journal pages. I love checking things off (or crossing them out in Sharpie). List making is fun to me but also helpful.

And there is a surge of list making in self care these days too. You can buy all kinds of beautiful, inspiring journals with ready-made, inspired lists to create on glossy, gorgeous pages.

That got me thinking. What if I made lists of more important things than groceries and chores? What if my lists helped me grow spiritually? What if my lists helped me think better, at least for a while?

Here is what I came up with. The numbers are arbitrary (I find that it is sometimes easier to make a list when there are a set number of items) – feel free to accommodate and adapt as you like.

  1. 7 things you look forward to about heaven
  2. 10 ways you have seen yourself grow spiritually this past year
  3. 3 people to convert to Christ/influence
  4. 10 spiritual or moral qualities you appreciate about your spouse (or significant other or closest friend)
  5. 5 people to try to visit this month
  6. 7 ways you have seen God work in your life this month
  7. 15 reasons why you love or appreciate your church home
  8. 20 ways you see God in nature
  9. 4 people to encourage using your words (text, card, conversation, phone call?)
  10. 12 blessings you’ve experienced today
  11. 4 people that encourage you spiritually
  12. 5 places that help you focus and feel God’s presence
  13. 15 things you are thankful for about your family (spiritual or physical)
  14. 5 Scriptures that encourage your heart
  15. 10 spiritual gifts Jesus grants us
  16. 8 spiritual heroes (a Christian “hall of faith”)
  17. 5 people you have seen serve someone else this month
  18. 4 Christian authors or speakers that have said or written something you needed to hear recently
  19. 10 reasons why being a Christian brings you joy
  20. 5 Hymns (or religious songs) that touch your heart
  21. 4 scriptures that challenge you
  22. 5 (new) people to pray for
  23. 3 spiritual or moral characteristics you need to improve
  24. 6 ways the leaders (preachers, elders, teachers, deacons, etc) in your church have blessed or helped you
  25. 12 missionaries you know
  26. 3 ways God has shown His providence to you in the past
  27. 9 ways God has granted you comfort when you needed it
  28. 3 trials/challenges that you have learned something from
  29. 4 scriptures that give you peace
  30. 5 people to invite to church or Bible study
  31. 8 people to imitate as they imitate Christ

If you want a printable list, click here for 31 Lists

I came up with 31 lists – so, if I am diligent that means one list per day for a month. Do you have any to add?

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