With Our Faith Have Children?



Will Our Faith Have Children – By Stan Mitchell

This book is about spiritually preparing the next generation, the one after that, and the one that follows. It is really about Stan’s grandson, Gideon Mitchell Watts. One day Gideon will find his name in a book written by his grandfather. But Stan wants more than any earthly treasures for Gideon’s name to be found written in another book, “the book of life” (Rev. 20:12). There are young people today sharpening their skill sets in view of building something eternal, knowing it takes skill to build. Stan shows how we all can have a part in developing leadership in the church for the next generation. This cost includes shipping and handling (each book is normally $10). Please email tracy.diane@gmail.com (or simply use the “contact” page on this blog) with your mailing address. If you would like to order more than one book, please email me directly. Also, we ask that you bear with us patiently, as paypal, selling books and advertising is all new territory for us!